We strive to address all of our clients’ practical needs, while exceeding their design expectations. Providing outstanding design that is responsive to the client’s program, budget, vision and goals is our top priority.

Close involvement with the client at each phase of the design and building process is an essential part of our working method. Every project receives the full hands on attention of the Principal, Charles Bryant. The particular needs of the client, as well as those of all who may inhabit the work are as essential to our process of design as are considerations of architectural form, ecology, site and infrastructure.

We bring an open mind to all of our projects and allow the form, shape and materials to naturally derive from the specifics of each project. Our focus is not just to create a building with a particular look, but also to create a real sense of place within our work, whether it is a home, office or commercial structure.

We’re delighted by the current paradigm shift that now gives serious consideration to environmental and ecological factors in architectural design and construction.  Passive environmental systems are preferable to costly mechanical controls and Bryant Architects has always strived to insure that their work takes the fullest advantage of every opportunity to incorporate ecologically efficient technologies and practices. Proper building siting, appropriate use of materials and natural day lighting and ventilation can provide substantial reductions in the consumption of energy and reduce life cycle cost of buildings

We welcome all project inquiries, large and small, and we never shy away from unusual or difficult projects.


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