Richmond, California

  • Enlarge existing small house on sub-standard lot (too small)
  • Reorganize circulation and layout
  • Improve entry area
  • Take advantage of Bay views at rear of property
  • Provide new Master Suite, Guest Room and adult Living Room
  • Second story added over first (horizontal expansion not allowed)
  • Stairway located in existing Garage to preserve existing space
  • New Entry area created; New Bathroom at lower level
  • Lower level rearranged to take advantage of views, minimize Hallways
  • Stairwell used as Light Well to brighten interior spaces below
  • New Master Suite, Guest Room and Living Room added at upper level
  • Skylights utilized for natural ventilation


Entry Downstairs Living Room
Stairwell and Dining Room Strairwell Opening
Stairwell Stairwell
Upper Living Room Upper Living Room
Upper Living Room Guest Room
Upper Living Room Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom